Who & What we are

ParkingSpots is an aggregator platform. That means we draw from numerous major parking spots providers to offer a consolidated and comprehensive selection of commercial and residential parking spots in major cities throughout North America. Consumers have the largest possible selection of parking spots in locations specific to their requirements. ParkingSpots does the heavy lifting for you and works with the best parking spots providers to deliver parking spaces that you’ll be interested in. We then push that information through to you in an attractive, tiled interface that lets you quickly tap a link to reserve your parking spots. No muss – no fuss. ParkingSpots provides features that make navigating to your next parking spot much faster and easier than ever before. We are able to deliver enhanced guidance, integrated payment options, consumer feedback, and a host of capabilities–creating a fully integrated consumer smart parking platform. Using our service, you can search for your ideal parking spot at the price you want to pay. Once you locate the perfect parking spot on parkingspots.com you simply reserve and pay.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies product, service, innovation and commerce in the parking industry.


To connect drivers with parking spots. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services in accordance with choice, convenience and value for drivers of all types of vehicles.


Safety, Reliability And Efficiency – We believe we earn employee and customer respect by operating safely, reliably and efficiently.

Caring – We care about our people. We foster and respect their talents and value their contribution to the company’s ongoing success.

Relationships – We are proud of the solid long-term relationships we are forging with our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. Our success is built on a platform of integrity, partnership and respect.

Innovation and Leadership – We believe innovative thinking, efficient and nimble actions, leadership skills and adaptability drive our business success.

Environmental Stewardship – We are committed to environmental stewardship, contributing to building sustainable communities and helping to create a culture of energy conservation.