Parking Reminder

Are you a mobile user? You can easily remember where you parked, using our Parking Reminder. Try it now! With a simplified interface, anyone can use it.

Parking Reminder

Answering Your Search to ‘Find Parking Near Me’

No one likes to hunt around all day for a parking spot, especially at an airport. What if you could get online, type something like “find parking near me,” and then instantly have access to your own reserved parking spot in advance? With ParkingSpots, you can eliminate the hassle of searching for parking altogether. With our parking spot finder, you can look up an airport, and even cities, sports city, sports venues, theaters, and more.

Airport Parking


Instead of searching “find parking near me”, enter an address or a city to compare hundreds of discounted parking options nearby. Then choose the dates and times you’d like to park. Simply reserve your chosen parking spot.


Enter your credit card information and click Reserve Now! You will instantly be emailed a confirmation of your purchase. No more hassle. We make sure your spot is available on the day you have chosen.


Bring your email confirmation (email or print out) to the garage to start parking. Make sure to check the instructions first as some lots will need a print out that you will put on your dashboard.

How Does It Work?

Now imagine this: you get online, search for “parking near me,” and then reserve a parking spot in advance without ever having to drive around a parking lot again. With ParkingSpots’ search tool, you can simply type in an address and have access to a list of discounted parking spots in the area, ready to be reserved.

Our parking spot finder works like this: you put in a search for parking spots near an address, venue, or airport of choice. Our search tool provides a list of the most desirable spots for you, and then you pick the time and day that you want to reserve the spot. After you enter your payment information and click Reserve Now, the spot is yours! We will work to ensure that the spot is available for you on the day and time you have specified.